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Denim Moon Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Janice (Berkeley, US)
Love the denim moon umbrella!
My daughter owns this adorable umbrella, and I sent one to my sister, who loved it.
Zodiac Eco-friendly Compact Umbrella
Ozlem Karadag (Istanbul, TR)
objet du désir
These umbrellas had been an objet du désir for me for a while and I ordered this beautiful Zodiac Duckhead when in London this August. Very few umbrellas (or maybe none) can survive the Istanbul wind and rain without a scratch, my Original Duck Umbrella proved its worth in every sense of the word (knocking on wood!), it's durable, resistant, flexible in the best possible way. The pattern is pretty, print is high quality and lively in colour. Dries very quickly, even after a heavy rain... I am also very happy that I own an eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically handmade umbrella. I dream of ordering other prints, as well, as I am obsessed with the different beak colours of the ducks and the new print patterns...
Lila’s dream
I bought the umbrella and matching bag for my daughter. It was expensive and she couldn’t afford it. It brought a big smile to her face, she loves it 😍
Zodiac Eco-friendly Compact Umbrella
Anna Iskra (Ipswich, GB)
Zodiac Eco-friendly Compact Umbrella
Matisse Print Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Helen Foulds (Dorking, GB)
Lovely brolly
Pure joy in umbrella form! I love it
Matisse Print Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Xandra Killingbeck (Slough, GB)
Lovely brolly
Perfect size, beautiful design. The duck head handle is fabulous and very strong and the brolly is easy to put up and down.
Lilac Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Justine MEREL (Maisons-Alfort, FR)
Very nice but not strong

I like the style of the duck. The Lila color is so nice !
But when it's windy, the umbrella turned over. I'm disappointed by the value for money.

Navy Compact Duck Umbrella
Clare (Derby, GB)
Amazing brolly
Works really well and has a cute face. What’s not to love?
Cherry Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Amanda Barnett (Brent, GB)
Gorgeous, adorable well made brolly
Used this today and absolutely loved it! Very well made and I get a lot of compliments on it. The handle is also really comfortable.
Denim Moon Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Butler2805 (Wigan, GB)
Denim moon

Lovely umbrella, excellent quality.
Love the design and colour. Fits perfectly in my bag

Beautiful umbrella but disappointed in the quality
I love the look of this umbrella, but if you live in a country like Ireland, don’t waste your money. Mine turns inside out most days, and even bent in the wind the other day so now I can’t completely close it down. The closing mechanism was faulty prior to this and has ended in me catching my finger in the mechanism (very sore) but it wouldn’t close until I used this force. Just very disappointed because I wanted to splurge on a good quality umbrella but you are spending money on how it looks, not how it works. For €50 (including shipping) you can get a much better umbrella.
Love it :)
It's so cute, the mechanism is smooth and strong, and the size is great, it's hard to find a compact umbrella designed to easily fit two. Cannot fault!
Cherry Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Alina Domenko (Vienna, AT)
Love It!
I have seen your umbrella in a public transport a while ago and since then I was dreaming to get one. When I discovered the brand name (ad in Instagram), I immediately ordered my umbrella! This is my favourite accessory for spring 2024. I cannot wait for rainy weather:)
Lila's Dream Reusable Bag
D B (Brent, GB)
Lovely design and colors plus sustainable
Olive Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Kim (Carlsbad, US)
Not Received Yet
Would love to leave a Review for this but after learning it was lost in transit 2 weeks after the order was placed. Another week has gone by and the replacement order has not arrived yet - no tracking provided. Mediocre customer service by both the postal service and ODH. All I can say is I hope this umbrella works.
Heaven's Garden Reusable Bag
Britney Atkinson (Toronto, CA)
Ready for spring!
Great quality product that is unique and fashion forward.
We got three umbrellas and we love em all!
Cherry Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Neyla Afonso (Sliedrecht, NL)
Cherry Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Unfortunately, really disappointed. Design is without doubt the cutest thing but, you can tell right away it has a flimsy structure. Also flipped inside out the first time used as it was expected. Return would cost more than disposal so, just wasted my money. Reviews with less than 3 stars are blocked.
Took time before I got it, because it was delivered wrong. so pleased when it arrived. small luxury umbrella. love this one
Heaven's Garden Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Tracey Sved (Sydney, AU)
Heaven's Garden Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Swirl in Blue Reusable Bag
Erica Bullivant (Hereford, GB)
Mighty Shopping Bag
Packs flat so takes up hardly any room in a handbag. Good size to carry food items home from the shops.
Black Grid Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Stella Tan (Sydney, AU)
very good customer service
It's a very stylish umbrella and I like the design of it. One of the rods snapped within a couple of months. But customer service was very good in helping me with a replacement. A very awesome company.
Vases Tote Reusable Bag
P J L (Harrogate, GB)
Such a great bag!
I’m so pleased with my bag - folds away so easily and the amount of stuff/shopping you can fit in surprised me. A beautifully made and strong bag. Thank you 🙏🏻
Forest Green Eco-Friendly Umbrella
armance dubost (Paris, FR)
Very pretty, but so fragile!
I bought this lovely umbrella for its looks. Unfortunately, after two uses it broke in a gust of wind.
Polkastripe Eco-Friendly Umbrella
Celeste Catterall (Portsmouth, US)
cute umbrella & gift
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